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"Adrienne Bell’s beloved novels never let a reader down, delivering emotionally satisfying reads every time. In this book she shares the secret of fulfilling the all-important promise to the reader using clever, easy-to-use templates to structure your own stories that are destined for the keeper shelf. Bell modifies familiar tools and refines them to work for any story, all the while providing her fresh, encouraging brand of motivation. It’s everything you need to take your stories from good to great!."

Sophie Littlefield, Anthony & RT Book Award Winning Author


"So thrilled that Adrienne Bell's plotting genius is now available in book form. She drills down to the heart of page- turning fiction in easy, concrete steps."

Lisa Hughey, USA Today Bestselling Author

Stack of Books

"I have worked professionally for twenty years with all levels of writers. I have a set list of books I recommend on craft and this book is moving to the top. It is one of the clearest, most precise plans I have ever seen for creating a working plot."

Theresa Stevens, Professional Freelance Editor


"After struggling through plotting and writing more than twenty books, reading this book streamlined my process and made me finally understand how plot actually works. Adrienne Bell's Plot MD should be on every single professional and aspiring writer's shelf.”

Rachael Herron, International Bestselling Author

Open Book

"As a "Pantser", I never thought I could find the right tool to help me fix my chaotic, seat-of-the-pants first draft, but the supportive style and visual clarity in Adrienne's instruction and the Stacked Funnel method proved me wrong! Plot MD to the rescue!”

Kearney Wentworth

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